Big Enough for Ballet



  Last week Abby started tap/ballet class.  I enrolled her in Tiny Toes.  It’s a dance school for kids ages 18 months to 5 years.  She was so exited to go.  Abby is one of those kids that is always dancing.  As soon as the music comes on she is moving.  She was so exited.  She’s been telling everyone all week that she’s going to dance class. 
  What I really like about it is the layed back nature of the class.  What it’s really about is having a great time dancing.  Sure, the instructor uses real dance terminology but she understands how to make it fun for the kids to learn.  She also understands the age groups that she’s working with.  As you see in the video, Abby frequently gets distracted and runs off.  The instructor goes with the flow. 
  If you have a little person who loves to dance and you live in the Northern Virginia area I highly recommend Tiny Toes!
  Above are photos of dress up time and Abby getting ready for class to start on her first day.

About DB Landes

Dorothy loves finding creative ways to be greener and helping others take baby steps to a greener lifestyle.She has 3 kids, a red-bearded husband, backyard chickens, and a struggling garden. Find her blogging at Take a look around and create something with her!
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1 Response to Big Enough for Ballet

  1. Crystal says:

    Too freaking cute!!! Love her!

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