Why can’t we have this on I-66?!

Recently I was listening to NPR (shocker, I know) on my way home from work.  On All Things Considered they were airing a program about a couple of guys who stage a puppet show in the back of a modified pick up truck.  They go out and look for traffic jams and perform short puppet shows for folks stuck in traffic.  They have a low power FM transmitter people can pick up the signal for the show within 200 feet of the car.  It’s called SuperClogger and as Joel Kyack (one of the fellows who puts this on) puts it, SuperClogger “aims to briefly halt the progression of chaos by temporarily drawing the audience out of the commute experience and placing them within an intimate space of engagement and performance that highlights their own individual presence within the broader structure of the traffic jam.”

This picture is found on the Roski School of Fine Arts website which can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

To read more please visit the Roski School of Fine Arts or NPR.org.

About DB Landes

Dorothy loves finding creative ways to be greener and helping others take baby steps to a greener lifestyle.She has 3 kids, a red-bearded husband, backyard chickens, and a struggling garden. Find her blogging at TheCreativeRecycler.com. Take a look around and create something with her!
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