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Let Them Eat Ice Cream!

Recently I was visiting with my husband’s side of the family.  They had rented a cabin in Thurmont, Maryland and had taken a brief vacation away from their normal lives.  When I arrived on the last day they were about … Continue reading

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Why can’t we have this on I-66?!

Recently I was listening to NPR (shocker, I know) on my way home from work.  On All Things Considered they were airing a program about a couple of guys who stage a puppet show in the back of a modified … Continue reading

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Garden Under Attack!

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been having some serious problems in my garden.  My zucchini and pumpkin plants have gone downhill… fast.  I first noticed that the stems coming out of the ground looked crumbly.  They were looking … Continue reading

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Southern Funny

Lots of people don’t consider Loudoun County, VA part of the South.  I do.  Maybe it’s because I spent so much time with family members in West Virginia, Winchester, VA, and Western Loudoun County that I feel like I’m a … Continue reading

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