10 years – A reunion.

I kept repeating the same mantra all night.  “This is bizzare.”  I’m sure most people have this experience when they attend a high school reunion or similar event.  The faces are the same but the hair cuts and bodies have changed.  I’m not sure exactly how many people were in my graduating class at Loudoun County High School but it was certainly over 300 if not hovering around 400.  That’s a lot of people.  It looked as if maybe 35 people attended our class reunion this past weekend (not including spouses).  The $60 per person ticket fee may have had something to do with that.  Kirk and I actually debated on going and the cost was the only reason.  It was a bit sad.  We were told by the bartender that we were the most boreing reunion he had ever seen.  Even the wedding party next store invited us to join in with them becuase our party was so lame.

That being said.  I enjoyed coming out to see most of the people who actually showed up.  Kirk and I decided to leave a bit early with a few other folks to have a late dinner and a few more drinks.  I had a good time catching up with them.  I think next time around it would be good to get together with less financial committment and more party. 

At lunch in 8th grade 1995-1996

After the reunion having a bite

About DB Landes

Dorothy loves finding creative ways to be greener and helping others take baby steps to a greener lifestyle.She has 3 kids, a red-bearded husband, backyard chickens, and a struggling garden. Find her blogging at TheCreativeRecycler.com. Take a look around and create something with her!
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3 Responses to 10 years – A reunion.

  1. Ben says:

    $60?!?! What were they thinking??? Maybe for a 25th, but not a 10th… I’m kinda sad I missed mine, but oh well! It does amuse me that it was the most boring reunion ever… ❤ you! 🙂

  2. Susan says:

    Ya, I’m exceedingly glad I gate crashed it instead of paying. It really was blah.

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